Regarding Social Media in the Classroom

How Covid-19 has Impacted the Skilled Trades Industry

How Covid-19 has Impacted Idaho's Healthcare System

Covid-19's Economic Impact on the United States and Idaho

The Benefits of Telehealth in a Pandemic World

Financial Literacy is Possible

Dr. Meesha Iqbal: Invested in Public Health

2021 Fall Semester Registration Now Open

Dr. Henry Oh: A World-Record Holder and Lifelong Learner

The Wonderful (and Rather Dubious) Connection Between Plants and Music

Books vs. Audiobooks: Which One Is Better For You?

A Brief History of Independence Day

Independence Day Weekend 2021: Everything to Do in Southeast Idaho

Theaters Are Reopening: Do We Care?

Junior Firefighting Camp: Raising the Next Generation of Heroes

Fallen Soldiers and Families Recognized at Memorial Dedication

Summertime Obsession: Picking the Best Grill

Project Management: What It is and Why You Should Care

New Tricks: Utilizing Zoom for Idahoans’ Lifelong Learning

We Love Our CEWT Moms

You Should Be Podcasting! (And We Can Help!)

ISU CEWT hosting upcoming 2021 Emergency Medicine Conference

Take Advantage and Learn with CEWT’s 2021 Summer Courses

Small Business Tax Tips

History of Popular Easter Traditions

Upgrading your PC? Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping

Time Sensitive Emergencies: Strokes

2021 Construction Combine to Provide Essential Skills to Growing Workforce

What is Servant Leadership?

Top Tips for Starting Writers

All About Microgreens

Did You Know? US Presidents in the Gem State

Up Your Marketing by Taking Your Instagram to the Next Level

Providing Hands-On Learning with Zoom

Go With The Flow with Arts & Crafts

Registration for Zoom Cooking Class Now Open

Buyers, Sellers Benefit in Southeast Idaho’s Competitive Housing Market

Start The New Year Right With CEWT

Happy Holidays from CEWT!

CEWT Talk - Season 2 Highlights

ISU CEWT hosting upcoming 2021 Emergency Medicine Conference

Did You Know? Pocatello National Banks

2021 Spring Semester Now Open For Registration

Giving Back Through Southeast Idaho’s Service Organizations

In the Kitchen with CEWT - Cooking Something New

CEWT Recognizes the Service of Its Veterans

In the Kitchen with CEWT

Upcoming November Classes To Check Out

COVID-19 Friendly Halloween Activities

What is Steampunk?

Equity vs. Equality 101: Understanding Different Perspectives

Did You Know? Pocatello Railroad Depot

Portraying the Unknown Through Music

ISU CEWT Hosts 2nd Annual Mental Health Resource Fair

How to Monetize Your Gameplay

The Banjo: Far From The ‘Redneck’ Instrument

ISU COT Receives Grant Fund for Single Parent, Displaced Homemaker/Worker Students

Instructor Highlight: Connie Irick

More Than Just An Internship

Find A High-Demand, Well-Paying Career with CEWT

Doing Things A Little Differently

What to Expect During Year 1 of Your Apprenticeship

Upcoming Changes: What to Expect in CEWT’s 2020 Fall Catalog

Did You Know? Oregon Trail Markers

Kayaking: A Must-Do Activity

Celebrating Independence Day Safely

Why You Should Be Studying Online

ESTEC Receives $10,000 Grant from Bayer Fund

Did You Know? Westside Public School

Students to Learn, Build, and Play in Online STEM Summer Camp

Video Games: Fun, Interesting, and Easy Games for Gaming Novices

ISU CEWT to Host Upcoming Lunch and Learn Via Zoom

Online CEWT Classes To Take With Your Mom

Did You Know? 1902 Pocatello Land Rush

Gardening 101: How To Start Gardening While In Quarantine

Netfilx and Quarantine

Ghost Town, USA: International Students’ Experience With COVID-19

Zooming with Family

Did You Know? Portneuf Floods

Supporting Local From Home

Avoid The Cabin Fever: Things To Do in Quarantine

Phishing for Funds: Staying Safe in the Digital World

“Hands Clean”, “No Scrubs”, “Staying Alive”, and More: Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

Come to Your Census: Overview of This Year’s Headcount

Did You Know? Paradice Buildings

Entrepreneur Highlight: ‘We Bought A Castle in Idaho’

Why Do We Have A Leap Year?

Hi-Fi or Wi-Fi?

Be Your Own Valentine!

Did You Know? Old Town Lodge Halls

Faces of CEWT: A Problem Solved

New TERO Training Center, Open House for Apprenticeship Programs

Most Memorable Tech of the 2010's

The Spice of Life: Indian Fine Dining

Did You Know? Railroad Houses

Sugar: Not As Sweet As You'd Think

Special Thanks for A Wonderful Video

CEWT presents... Night Before CEWT-mas!

Happy Holidays from CEWT!

Entrepreneur Highlight: 80’s Nostalgia in the Modern Era

Did You Know? Center Street Underpass

NKA and CEWT to Host Older Adults Open House

CEWT Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving!

Gainful Employment Series: Making the First Step Easier

Women Laborers Deconstructing Gender Roles

Did You Know? ISU's 'I' on Red Hill

Idaho Congressman Simpson to recognize CEWT's Construction Combine into the Congressional Record

Faces of CEWT: How Much You Care

Nanana Nanana… Bat Week!

Plant-Based Meat: Fad or the Future?

Gainful Employment Series: Growth Mindset and Professional Development

The Flavorful History of Pumpkin Spice

Did You Know? Pocatello High School

Finding Strength Through Resiliency

Why You Should Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Gainful Employment Series: Burnout, and How to Avoid it

Be The Office Hero

Did You Know? Simplot Square

Faces of CEWT: Behind the Curtain

Interesting Facts About the Irish Language

'CEWT' Tips for the New School Year

Gainful Employment Series: Language Skills & Employability

Southeast Idaho Crisis Center Offers A New Solution

Did You Know? Pocatello Streets

Why CEWT? Hear from us!

Student Highlight: Dera Offokaja

Gainful Employment Series: Computer Skills for the Workplace

Did You Know? Pocatello Presidential Visits

Faces of CEWT: The Teacher’s Passion

New Class Highlight: Certified Family Home Assistance w/Meds

Construction Combine Builds Success

Top 5 Business Leadership Skills to Grow Your Business

Gold Star Monument Honors, Respects Fallen

Building Success By Staying Local

A Compassion Project: Hope Conquers ACE’s Series

Cooking with Science

Did You Know? Edgar Rice Burroughs

New Class Highlight: Mental Health First Aid

The Crypto-Future of Your Money

Health Program Highlights: Blood and Hard Work

Faces of CEWT: Applying Improvement

Did You Know? Naval Ordinance Plant and Air Base

Do You Podcast?

Entrepreneur Highlight: A Taste of Paradise

Comfort, Food with Pocatello Food Express

Health Program Highlights: Finding Strength

Faces of CEWT: Hooked on Teaching

Did You Know? ISU Arch

Learn, Teach, and Grow with the Construction Combine

Building A Stronger Community

Faces of CEWT: The Joy of Learning

Mental Health Highlights: Making a Difference

Did You Know? ISU's Red Hill Columns

Faces of CEWT: Taking Care of Others

Infinite Fun with Infinite Discs

Did You Know? ISU's Vocational Arts Building

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Highlights: Becoming Miracles

Get a Jump-start in Dental Assistance

Faces of CEWT: The Tricks to Cinn-sational Baking

Ten New CEWT Courses to Check Out

Coffee, Cold Brew, and Smiles

Sugar: Not Just for Sweets

National Apprenticeship Week

Faces of CEWT: Helping Others Grow

Halloween: A Brief History

The 'Write' Way to Write

Recovery and Recuperation: Life After A TBI

Things You Might Not Know About Sign Language

Faces of CEWT: Behind the Scenes of Electrical Work

Faces of CEWT: The Magic of Learning

Just ‘Like’ This: Using Social Media To Improve Your Business

Explore Different Worlds in Old Town Pocatello

A Taste of France (Without the Hefty Price Tag)

I Got A Henna Tattoo-- And So Should You!

Capturing the Moment: An Interview with Photographer Chantelle McNeel

The Washie: An Interview with Robert Poleki

Faces of CEWT: Looking at the Technical Side of Things

Top Ten Classes for Fall 2018

Tuning in to Musical Students’ Needs

Caregiving, Dementia, And Finding That "Aha" Moment Among It All

From 29,029 Feet to Your Table at 4,462 Feet

Mac and Cheese Cyber Cooking Class

Wanderlust: A Diversity of Flavors

From Advertiser to Hairdresser: Hair Hub's Stacie Campbell Applies Advertising Skills to Salon

Explosive Fun: An Interview with the Owners of Family Fun Party

STEM Summer Camps Will Offer Teens Fun Ways to Learn

Amazing Glaze's Donut Craze

Effects Technology Can Have on Your Teens

Southeastern Semi-Pro Soccer Team Expands into Pocatello

Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

Hard Hat Offers Blue-Collared Training - Online or On-site

10 Courses You Don't Want To Miss In Summer 2018

Does Your Business Have A Certified Food Safety Manager?

11 Tips on How to Deal with Difficult People

6 Ways Drones are Changing the World, One Crop at a Time

Dental Hygienist in the Making

8 Different Stuffings You Can Load on Crepes

NFL-Inspired Draft Offers Chance for Construction Jobs

iPads and iPhones: 5 Useful Features You Don't Know About


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