The Origins of Easter

Samara Scott on Mar 20, 2024 9:22:55 AM

Colorful easter eggs in a row - isolated over a white background

The Origins of Easter

Easter has been around for centuries, but it wasn't always the chocolate egg-filled holiday we know today. Let's find out how this holiday grew into what we know today.

The earliest record found celebrating Easter comes from the 2nd century (over 1800 years ago). Bede the Venerable (an English Monk) from the 8th century thought the word may derive from Eostre (or Eostrae), a goddess of spring and fertility in Anglo-Saxon culture. 

The Tale of Ostara

The legend of the Easter Bunny originates from the story of Ostara, a goddess responsible for bringing the earth back to life after the harsh winter. But one year, she arrived late. Upon her arrival, she found a little bird lying dead in the forest with its wings frozen over. Feeling guilty, Eostrae brought the bird back to life as a snow hare. In honor of the hare's past life, the goddess gifted him the ability to lay colorful eggs. Every year, during the Ostara festivals, this hare would visit and gift his colorful eggs to children attending the festival.



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