Morton Buildings is Coming to Pocatello

Isaac Dayley on May 9, 2022 3:04:31 PM


Pocatello is growing.

Businesses are moving in and among those is Morton Buildings. They are building a manufacturing facility next to the regional airport which they are hoping to have done by this Fall. But who are they, and why choose Pocatello?

Morton Buildings

Started in Illinois in 1903, Morton Buildings originally started out as the Interlocking Fence Company formed by John Getz, Sr. until his death in 1925. The business was then taken over by his son who, over the course of nearly forty years, transformed the company into the Morton Buildings of today.

Initially the focus was on designing, manufacturing, and building grain handling and agricultural storage facilities. Over time, however, they have expanded to wind farm operational facilities, churches, schools, EMS facilities, and even restaurants. According to Steve Aubin, Regional Sales Manager, one of the most unique projects they’ve ever tackled was a truck center building, which stores semi-trucks, and other large vehicles. 

The site being built here in Pocatello is one of their manufacturing plants, where the various construction materials are created before they are shipped out to various construction sites across the region. Morton Buildings is unique in that they handle their own designing, manufacturing, shipping, building, and warranty for all of their products.

Upcoming Job Fair

One of the largest challenges that comes with handling every step of the construction process is the amount of labor and hands needed. With every new site they build, they begin the process of finding qualified hands to fill the roles needed.

For the Pocatello manufacturing plant, they are hoping to find and train upwards of 30 employees. To get started on that, they have partnered with the Department of Labor and ISU’s CEWT to host a job fair at the Department of Labor offices on Yellowstone Ave., on May 17th. Some of the positions they are looking to hire include Inventory Control Coordinator, Plant Administrative Assistant, Process Improvement Coordinator, Material Recovery Specialist, and Operator, among others.

Since 2017, Morton Buildings has prided itself on being employee-owned. According to the Vice President, Kevin Young, this allows for every employee to have unique insights and perspectives as owners, leading to improvements and growth for the company as a whole. 

If you are looking for a position in the construction industry, and anything in this article has caught your eye, be sure to check out the job fair on May 17th. Morton Buildings is a fast growing company, with Pocatello being one of the spearheads to their expansion into the Western United States.

For more information on Morton Buildings check out their website here. Also check out CEWT’s podcast episode with Kevin Young and Steve Aubin here.



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