Reflecting on the Year

Angela W on Dec 27, 2023 9:34:00 AM

blured lighhts from peak Victoria, Hong Kong

2023 flew by. This year has sailed past me faster than any I can remember. It is beyond me that the year is a few days shy of being complete. One of the best parts of this time of year, for me personally, is receiving cards from loved ones with year-end letters in them. 

I love reading about people’s reflections on the year gone by. These letters serve not just as a reminder of the milestones you may have missed in your loved one’s lives, but also as a reminder to look back at your own year. 


Below is a list of topics I like to reflect on.

  1. Challenges

    Every year presents its challenges. Some years are obviously more challenging than others and some years come with so many accomplishments it's hard to find the time to reflect on the things we struggled with. For me, reflecting on my challenges and how I was able to handle the hard stuff in life, helps me prepare for any future challenges I may face in the new year. 


  2. Successes

    Success comes in many forms. For me, this reflection is not solely about raises, promotions, or hitting big goals. It is also about small successes-finishing a hard project (at work or at home), organizing the garage, and simply making it through another year. Someone once told me that so many people base success on money- and success has little to nothing to do with the amount of money we bring home but more importantly it is about happiness and personal and professional goals.


  3. Experiences

    I love this reflection. All experiences count. Every year I try to make it to someplace new and tend to be a bit disappointed when the year passes and something ( finances or logistics)  kept me from traveling to someplace new. I do need to remind myself that some experiences, small experiences such as going to the museum when new exhibits open, running the summer series of 5ks my town hosts, ISU Christmas Tree Lighting, and taking a drive to look at Christmas lights ( all things I take my 11-year-old brother to every year) build memories with my little brother. 

    I hope that when you reflect on your year, challenges, successes, experiences, and anything else you may want to look back on, you realize how much you accomplished. 

    Cheers to 2024!


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