CEWT Summer Classes Are Underway

Angela W on May 10, 2023 9:40:33 AM

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CEWT Summer Classes

Now Open for Registration

It is that time of year again, the time of year when campus becomes quieter.  Gone is the chatter of students and they clammer in the building early morning. The halls and gathering areas sit empty for the summer months. Staff and faculty will temporarily disappear during the summer vacations. And a staff favorite by far, summer hours have started. While the quietness of campus masks the flurry of activity happening in the departments and colleges that makeup ISU. 


Summer is busy time on campus, kids' camps, summer courses, conferences, and plans for the next fiscal year are all underway. The activity at CEWT is not spared from the summer activity. Our summer classes are in full force. We offer a large selection of health courses and many summer hobby courses. 

This summer we have our Jr. Firefighter Kids’ Camp, sewing classes for kids, teens, and adults, adult craft and language classes, and a photography course.

You can find our selection of summer courses can be found online and in our catalog.



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