5 Summer Ideas for College Students

Samara Scott on Apr 17, 2024 8:19:30 AM


With the end of the school semester quickly approaching, students eagerly wait for their well-deserved summer break. But what are the best ways to spend these next three months? Many of us find ourselves unable to decide how to spend our summer days, often doing nothing for our summers. Here are some fun (and affordable) ways you could be spending your summer:

  • Have a Picnic with Friends

What better way to beat summer boredom than with food? Have each friend bring something for everyone and enjoy a picnic. It's a great bonding experience and a fun way to meet for lunch.

  • Make Ice Cream

A great way to beat the summer heat is with some ice cream, and what's more fun than learning to make it yourself? You can easily find the recipe that works best for you online. Plus, the work and effort you put into making it will make it taste even better!

  • Stargaze

An excellent way to unwind after a hot day is to drive somewhere and go stargazing. Many people forget with the stress of everyday life, it's necessary to take time to relax and clear your mind. What's more relaxing than a beautiful view?

  • Visit your Local Library

Reading is a great way to find and discover new and engaging stories to help spark and inspire creativity. There are many benefits to reading, including stress relief and better sleep. As someone who despised reading in school, I was surprised to find out that there are a lot of fun and enjoyable books out there. Even if it's something simple like a manga or a comic, reading is a great way to spend your time.

  • Make a Movie

Although it may not be high-budget, making a movie is easy! You can find many free movie editor apps on your phone's app store, and you can even download "Screenplay Formatter" on Google Docs to make script writing easy. Making a movie, whether alone or with others, is fun and a great way to make memories to last a lifetime.


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