April is Diversity Month

Samara Scott on Apr 12, 2024 8:58:31 AM


Diversity Month

Many people are unaware that April is considered Diversity Month. It is important to embrace those around us despite our differences, and this month is a perfect time to learn from people from all backgrounds of life. Whether they're a different race, religion, sexuality, or gender, we can all learn something by hearing a different perspective.

By valuing others' perspectives and learning from them, we can gain new perspectives into the world that we may have never considered before. Not seeing other perspectives leads to ignorance. Instead of ignoring these issues, we can work together and unite. Coming together is essential in building community.

With ignorance comes hate, and hate leads to violence and discrimination. By learning from others, we challenge stereotypes and learn to appreciate the struggles they have faced and the hardships they've overcome. Instead of worrying about who's right or wrong, take the time to see the other side and make a solution that benefits everyone. Nearly everywhere in life, there is no right or wrong answer, so the best we can do is create a solution that helps everyone.


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