Tips for Getting Through Finals Week

Kayla Corless on Dec 14, 2022 12:41:05 PM

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With the fall semester coming to an end here at ISU, one of the most stressful weeks of the year is now upon us: finals week. I think it is safe to say that college students can agree that finals week is a wonderful time since it signifies the end of the semester, but that does not come without any hassle.

Sometimes, we just need a bit of direction to help us through challenging times, and yes, finals week is a challenging time for students. Keep reading to check out our list of ways to help you survive finals week.

Create a Schedule

Possibly one of the biggest downfalls for students during finals week is lacking an organized schedule. Without a schedule, study time can become a cluttered and overwhelming mess. Taking the time to plan out your finals week schedule can help by providing an idea of what exactly you should expect, both for studying and testing.

The first step to creating a schedule should be to determine when your finals will be taking place. From there, coordinating your studying time is crucial! By pacing yourself, you are more likely to retain information better and lessen overall stress.

Prioritize Rest and Taking Breaks

As important as studying is, knowing when to stop is just as important. Taking breaks is necessary to studying since it allows for an increase in overall productivity as well as increasing mental clarity and focus. 

While taking a few minutes or hours away from studying is important, sleep is truly one of the most important factors that goes into overall wellbeing. Sleep improves memory skills and increases your academic performance significantly. You should aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep during finals week.

Utilize Study Buddies

One of the best resources for studying may be your own classmates! Studying with a group can increase motivation and allow you to learn and educate yourself through group collaboration. Having a study buddy also helps to keep you accountable for your work as well.

Truly, study buddies are a good resource for sharing knowledge. After all, two heads are better than one, right?

Reach Out to Your Instructors

The worst thing you could do before going to take your finals is having unanswered questions or confusion. Where other students can help with studying, instructors and professors are a great way to answer the questions you may have before going in to take your exams.

Utilize instructors’ office hours, send emails, and use any class time you may have to receive the help you need. Instructors should be able to offer any assistance they can to give you the opportunity to succeed on your finals.

Finals are stressful and sometimes we just need the right tools to help us succeed. For any students here at ISU that may be experiencing mental distress, free counseling services are available with more information that can be found here.


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