College Enrollment Tips for High School Graduates

Samara Scott on May 10, 2024 7:49:56 AM


With the end of the school semester quickly approaching, a sense of relief comes knowing that we made it through another school year. But with the relief can come the stress of planning for college for many high school seniors. Planning for college doesn't have to be complicated.

Here are some tips to make your planning a little easier and less stressful:

Don't Procrastinate

The worst thing you can do when preparing for college (or anything for that matter) is procrastinate. Instead of waiting until the last moment, it's better to get things done as soon as possible to avoid stress and worry later. By getting things done early, you can focus on yourself later stress-free.

Talk to your Advisors

Whether it's a school counselor, teacher, or family member, asking someone with experience for advice is the best way to prepare. Those with knowledge on the subject can offer helpful tips and advice to help you get started on your college career.

Have a Plan

Before going to college, it is crucial to have a plan. One of the essential pillars of planning should include your finances. Maintaining a job while in school is an excellent opportunity to make money (plus you get job experience for your resume).

The second pillar of your planning should include your housing. Whether staying in the dorms or commuting from home, having somewhere to stay is vital to ensuring a healthy school experience.

The third pillar is a backup plan. If anything were to go wrong with either your job or housing situation, having a safety net is a great way to guarantee your safety and well-being if things don't go accordingly. If nothing else, just knowing that you have that safety net is comforting.


Whether it's packing or mentally preparing yourself, preparation is pivotal to your college experience. One of the best ways to prepare is to familiarize yourself with the campus. By planning out a route to each of your classes, you won't have to worry about getting lost the first few weeks of school (you may even find cool spots to hang out in your free time).

Enjoy your Summer

Even though planning for college is critical, it's just as important to make time for yourself. Making time to clear your mind is essential to improving focus and productivity. After all, how can you take in new information if your mind is already full?


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