3 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Samara Scott on Jan 31, 2024 1:30:00 AM

Woman cleaning the counter  in the kitchen

As the weather begins to warm up and spring begins to set in, it comes time for us to clean up our homes. Although many areas could use improvement, sometimes the hardest task is knowing where to start. Here are some tips and tricks to make spring cleaning easier.

  1. Plan
    The first step to begin spring cleaning is to make a plan. Going in without a plan can add unneeded stress and make the process much more daunting. Having a plan reduces stress and improves efficiency.
  2. Have your Cleaning Supplies Ready
    To improve efficiency, have all of your cleaning supplies ready. Instead of walking from room to room trying to find what you need, it is better to have what you need with you. But before you begin cleaning, your supplies should be clean (such as dusters, mops, or brooms) to be sure everything is clean rather than pushing dirt around.
  3. Start Small
    The best way to start spring cleaning is to get the small things out of the way first. Something as simple as decluttering can make a huge impact, such as clearing out items you no longer need. After you finish that, you can take all the stuff you gathered and donate it to those who need it to avoid waste.


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