What to Expect During Year 1 of Your Apprenticeship

Sammy Rich on Jul 27, 2020 10:31:26 AM

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Right now is the perfect time to start a new career path. One option you might have been considering is an apprenticeship. But what exactly does an apprenticeship entail?

This article will provide some general information on Continuing Education and Workforce Training (CEWT)’s apprenticeship program and what you will expect in the first-year of your apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is a four year long “learn-as-you-earn” program, which means that you gain experience and credit towards your certificate by working. In the state of Idaho, any apprenticeship program includes two parallel training tracks: on-the-job training received through employment under a journeyman and classroom-related training.

There are no prerequisites to starting an apprenticeship, no background knowledge required-- simply a desire to learn.

“Year one students have little or no knowledge about the field they’re coming into. And that’s what’s great about the apprenticeship program-- you don’t need any knowledge to start,” said Paul Dickey, CEWT’s apprenticeship coordinator. “All you have to have is a willing employer to hire you.”

An aspiring apprentice must find employment working underneath a journeyman. This is where they will receive their hands-on training. Apprentices do not have to be hired before registering for apprenticeship courses, but they will need to find employment afterwards. Through CEWT, apprentices can take courses in either HV/AC, electrical, or plumbing.

One they are registered, students will need to receive their textbooks before the first day of class. Considering the current COVID-19 situation in the United States, face-to-face classes will be held while adhering to proper social distancing measures and face coverings. However, as CEWT livestreams class lectures, students that have a computer with a camera and microphone also have the option to attend the class via Zoom. (CEWT is committed to the safety of its faculty and students. Click here to review ISU’s COVID-19 statement.)

The upcoming 2020-2021 apprenticeship year will begin mid-September and will run until mid-April. An orientation day will be livestreamed prior to the beginning of classes that students should attend.

Click here to hear Dickey discuss the advantages of CEWT’s apprenticeship programs with Jason Batalden, CEWT assistant director.

If interested in enrolling in CEWT’s Apprenticeship program, click here to get started.

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