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Jantzen Pahl on Jul 9, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Picking a career can be stressful; there are a lot of opportunities available. Finding the right one for you may take some research. As you look toward your future career path; you probably want a good paying job with chances to advance within the company. At the same time, you would like a work environment that is interesting and challenging. You are just not the type of person to sit behind a desk.

Consider a career path in welding. Skilled welders have become increasingly in demand over the last ten years. A welding career can bring you numerous opportunities in a variety of industries including construction and automotive. You may be surprised to find out where welding classes through a certified welding school could lead you.


Welding is a technical skill. Over the years, Americans have gone away from this particular type of technical job. Being skilled in welding can leave you with a lifetime of work in a variety of fields. The process of welding involves the joining together of two materials through fusion; a heat process that bonds the two materials.The materials are usually two different types of metals.

There are over a hundred different types of welding practices from arc welding to solidification. The types of welding vary from heat application to pressure points. Cooler temperatures can be used in a simply brazing method. Higher temperatures may be needed for heavier types of materials.

The use of welding can be found in various industries with these different types of methods including gas welding and resistance welding. By learning the different types of welding and the processes, you can become diverse in the field. If you take your time and learn various types of applications, you can pick your own welding career path.

Career Path

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When most people think of welders, a garage or construction site comes to mind. The truth is welders do work in both the automotive field and construction field, but the welding field has branched out over the years. New technology and advances have made welding a more diverse and skilled field.

Welders are always in demand; highly skilled welders can scout their own career path. Different types of welding classes will help shape your career path. By being open to other areas in the field, you could find yourself working with airplanes, wind turbines, bridges, and highway construction.

By taking welding classes, you can become a skilled welder. A certified welding school can give you the best hands on experience and knowledge for this exciting career path. As you learn, you will become certified in different areas of welding. The skills you learn in welding school will help you throughout your career.

Being a skilled welder will open a variety of opportunities. Skilled welders work with blueprints and other instructions to complete a job to specification. When attending welding classes, you will learn about the different types of metals. Different metals will need specific welding applications to complete the process.

Welders can also be cutters which can help within their chosen industry. Cutters work with high temperatures to divide metals. The knowledge of these metals will aid you in your career path and job enhancement.

Job Enhancement

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As you learn different skills involving welding, you can obtain better job opportunities and a higher rate of pay. Welding is a skill that is considered to be highly transferable. Once you learn the basics, you can transfer from one job to another. The demand of highly qualified welders in various fields will give you a chance to move between industries for higher rates of pay and benefits.

As you transfer between industries, you will learn new skills which can lead to other positions. Starting out as a welder in one area may bring you to a career as an inspector or engineer. The highly transferable skill does not immediately stop at being a welder in one specific field. A welding career is full of diverse job opportunities.

Job Opportunities

In the past, welding careers focused mainly in the manufacturing field. The field has advanced; welders can learn skills while working with lasers and electronic beams to bind materials together. The use of new age technology has opened up new job opportunities in the areas of robotics and technology.

In some cases, welders work for themselves. You can work as welder on your own terms as a freelancer. Opening your own welding business can be a lucrative venture for you.

A welding career is a promising job opportunity with numerous advancements in the field. If you are the type of person who likes a challenge and a diverse working environment, a welding career may be the perfect choice for you. In fact, some companies employ welders to work overseas. By taking welding classes, you could have a career with travel and chances of advancement which would bring higher pay.

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