Renewable Energy vs. The World

Jantzen Pahl on Jun 4, 2015 7:00:00 AM

renewable energy

Everybody wants to know what the next “Big Idea” is or what company you should invest in to get the biggest and quickest return for the money. With the knowledge they have now, everyone would have invested in Apple, Beats by Dre, and Facebook 20 years ago.

But what do today’s very successful businessman think about the hot topic as of late, renewable energy? A LOT.

Well known entrepreneur of Tesla, Paypal and Space-X, Elon Musk, has claimed, “I’m confident that solar energy will beat everything, including natural gas.” He is a chairman for SolarCity, the most successful solar energy company in the U.S.

Warren Buffet, who was the most successful investor of the 20th century, has bet $30 billion on solar and wind energy.

These men have been undeniably very successful in foreseeing the next “big thing,” and they are a wonderful resource to refer to for the plausible industries to invest in and/or work for.

Solar Energy

renewable energy

With such a high demand for Solar Energy in various regions in both the U.S. and the world comes an increase in jobs as well.

Jobs in the solar industry are definitely on the rise. Solar jobs in the U.S. went up 13% last year alone, which is outstanding compared to other newer careers. Jobs in the solar industry are only expected to rise as utility rates increase.

Jobs in the solar industry are reliable jobs because they are a long term product and service sold to consumers. Solar panels can be leased for a minimum of 15 years and if purchased, have been known to run efficiently for over 30 years.

Solar companies will need qualified employees who will be able to install, monitor and repair these systems as needed for many years to come.

Wind Energy
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Wind Energy is another renewable energy source that is really spreading in the U.S., with over $100 billion invested in wind projects since 2008.

With energy output increasing by several thousand mega watts (MW) per year, jobs in manufacturing, siting, construction and operation have been sprouting up all over the U.S. with a majority of them being in the Midwest.

Both Wind and Solar energy have considerable salaries which can climb into the 6 figure range after having several years of experience. Wind turbine technicians can expect around $104,000 with a few years’ experience and solar electrical engineers are expected to make $92,280.

If you’d rather be less hands on and work as a software developer they can expect a median salary of $96,230.

Renewable energy (specifically solar and wind) has a lot of potential and a lot of smart and powerful people investing billions claiming it to be the future of energy. Warren Buffet can be quoted saying, “It [deregulated energy] will be largest transfer of wealth in history.”

So as you take a look at a career path stop and take a minute to think about learning and studying green energy. You can find courses available in your area where you can study these amazing resources and see if it is a career path you are interested in.

If you like getting into booming industries early that have management opportunities, have the potential to earn a great annual salary and contribute the “go green” movement, then a career in renewable energy may be for you.

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