Protect Yourself: Self Defense Tips for Women

Aaron Kirkham on Apr 16, 2015 7:00:00 AM

 self defense tips for women

If some predator attacks you will you be prepared? Self dense is a must in the world today. With the amount of disrespect that is rampant in society it has never been more important for people, especially women, to know how to protect and defend themselves.

There are two major areas that encompass much of self defense for women; prevention and preparation. The best way to protect yourself is to prevent an attack from ever happening.

Here are the top things you need to know to prevent an attack from occurring:

  • Be Aware – If you notice that you are going to be in a shady area or a possible uncomfortable situation be AWARE.  True self defense is being aware of yourself, your surroundings, and potential attackers.
  • Escape – After you are aware of your surroundings it is vital for you to identify an exit path. You will be safer if you run away! Make a scene, throw rocks or a purse, yell, scream. By making a scene you will call for attention which, is exactly what the attacker doesn’t want.
  • Self defense classes – Taking self defense classes will not only improve your ability to protect yourself but also your ability to not get into bad situations in the first place. When you take such a class make sure that you PRACTICE simulated assaults. 
  • Ask for help – If you ever are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Ask a co-worker to walk you to your car, have a friend spend the night, or anything similar to make you feel safe.

No matter how much you plan, practice, and prepare there still may be a moment that you will have to fight. Remember YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIGHT!!

self defense tips for women

If you are being physically touched or handled in a way that you do not agree with you have the right to defend yourself. Never forget that you are your best protector because you are in control of your own body.

Regardless of how you prepare to avoid conflict it still may occur. Being prepared is like having an insurance policy, you may not use it but it will worth it when you need it. Here are the top tips to being prepared for when an attack may occur:

  • Have an Attack Plan - This doesn’t mean you should plan an attack on those that attack but rather that you should have a premade decision on what you will do if you are attacked. By preparing mentally and deciding if you will fly or fight you will be able to act when the time comes.
  • Pepper spray – Pepper is only a tool that can help you void off a would-be attacker. If you chose to buy it make sure that you know how to use it. If time allows communicate and show that you have it and will use it if approached. If you don’t have time use it and run away.
  • Firearms? – If you feel that this is the proper protection method make sure you follow all local laws and have all certifications to carry a firearm. Firearms are dangerous and are not always necessary to protect yourself.
  • Communicate – Letting people know your travel plans through out the day can save your life. This helps other people become responsible for you. If you let your friend know that you will call her later when you get home and you don’t call what will happen? That’s right your friend will call the FBI, CIA, and the rest of the world to find you.

When it comes to protecting yourself there is no cost that is too great. Develop self defense abilities of observance and being prepare will save your life.

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