How to Set Up a Classroom Blog

Camille Gilbert on Jun 18, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Having a classroom blog is a great way to introduce your students to online blogging and teach them about appropriate online behavior.

It also keeps them interested in following what’s going on at school and in your classroom. It serves as another form of communication you can use to educate them and get them more involved.

Setting up your class blog begins with choosing your blog URL. The URL should be short, relevant to your class, and easy for the students to remember. It may be a good idea to incorporate your name in the URL.

You also want to choose a title for your blog which students will find to be catchy. The title can be as simple as,” Let’s Blog, Blog, Blog!” The point is for it to grab their attention right away.

Start the creation of your classroom blog by signing up for your blog.

After you have created your account you will be able to log into your dashboard. The dashboard is the area where you will customize your blog and add, edit and remove the blog posts.choosing your blog url

You want to customize the look of your blog so it has a look to it which you are happy with. Once you have created and customized your classroom blog, you will be ready to add your first post.

Your first post should welcome your students to the classroom blog and invite them to participate.

You can start the post by informing them of the intention of the blog and letting them know the type of information they can expect to see when they visit.

You can also add questions near the end of the post which prompt them for a response.

Once you have set up a classroom blog you want to get your students involved with the blog. You can do this in a variety of ways.

You can post information which helps them with assignments, offer a contest or reward program for participation, or simply make it so entertaining they want to log on and see what’s happening on the blog regularly.

You want to be sure you are active on your blog. You should update it with fresh blog posts weekly, if not daily. If your students log on and see there has been no recent activity on it then they will lose interest in it.form of communication

Once they do, it will be hard for you to get them interested in the blog again.

By setting up a fun and informative classroom blog, you will have another way to reach your students and open up communications with them.

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