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Health Program Highlights: Blood and Hard Work

Sammy Rich on May 13, 2019, 10:24:00 AM

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To longtime medical laboratory scientist Gregg Park, the three things any good phlebotomist needs to be successful: training, skills, and self-confidence.

He believes self-confidence is vital. “You have to know that you have learned the techniques, you have to be confident in yourself, and then instill a confidence in your patient, too,” he explained.

With his background in the medical field, Park enjoys working with prospective phlebotomists to help build that confidence.

With a Master’s degree in Chemistry and and a Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, Park has been a Medical Laboratory Scientist since the 80’s. He has also worked as a Core Lab Coordinator supervising and overseeing Portneuf’s laboratory.

Currently, Park teaches phlebotomy courses for CEWT, and has been doing so for around four years. When the position opened up, he was eager to begin teaching it. Park enjoys teachers others some of the skills he’s learned throughout the years.

In his phlebotomy class, students gain a deeper understanding of how blood works and why it’s collected, different ways of collecting blood, and some anatomy and physiology of the body. At the end of the course, they also receive a Phlebotomy certification-- which can give them a one-up in the medical field.

“The hospital looks for people with the certifications because they know they have the background that they need to [be] an actual lab assistant,” Park said.

Park likes to find his students’ strengths, then works towards building those skills, along with developing their greater understanding of medical work. “I have some brilliant students in that class,” Park said.

He has had students with clear goals in mind, using this class as a way to build their patient-exposure time or clinical time. Meanwhile, he has had others simply looking for a part-time job doing something they enjoy.

Regardless, students come out of the class having built important skills that help develop their self-confidence and their relationship with their patients. From doctor’s offices, to the Red Cross, or Grifol’s Biomat, students have a wide variety of job settings to choose from to fit their needs.

Or if they want to gain even more skills, they can become a lab assistant, where they will learn other important skills such as how to take an x-ray or how to take someone’s blood pressure.

Helping other people is Park’s specialty. Outside of the medical field, Park is a sports enthusiast and has refereed and coached high school soccer teams. He also enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family hiking or camping, or enjoying time at home.

If interested in signing up for phlebotomy course, visit to check out our catalog or call us at (208) 282-3372.



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