Faces of CEWT: The Joy of Learning

Sammy Rich on Mar 12, 2019 10:18:00 AM

Worley FeatureAt Continuing Education and Workforce Training (CEWT), we have instructors with specific work experience in the field. Having experienced instructors provides current industry practices that inform students more fully. Faces of CEWT highlights some of our finest instructors and staff to give you insight into the ‘sweet’ people who work here.

For some, learning can be a chore. Something mandatory that’s done just to get it out of the way. But for Elba Worley, nothing is better than being able to learn. She makes learning fun, and always finds herself learning something new. “I’m always learning. I like to do things to learn and to keep me busy,” Worley said.

Worley teaches a variety of different classes for CEWT. From Introductory and Intermediate Spanish, to a variety of art courses, to cooking courses, she enjoys being able to pass on her skills to others.

Worley graduated from Idaho State University in 2004, majoring in Spanish and Art. She has always enjoyed teaching, and teaching a variety of courses gives her the chance to continue learning. “It’s my passion. I love teaching, not only teaching a foreign language or the arts, or anything, I love to learn and I love to teach,” she said.

While teaching for CEWT, she accommodates her curriculum to the needs of her students. Since she has a variety of students that come from many backgrounds, from teachers, to retired people, to those who just want to learn a second language, she can tailor the workload to the amount of background knowledge her students may have.

When it comes to other courses she offers, she explores beyond the expectations of what her students might have. In her art classes, she does more than simply teaching her students to draw. They also explore different types of mediums that they haven’t done before, which is exciting for both Worley and her students.

Some people who might not be that skilled with pencil or oil painting might have a natural talent with watercolor or charcoal. “I always like to see those faces when they are amazed with themselves, what they can do. That probably gives me the most joy,” she said.

As a teacher, she has the opportunity to learn from her students, as well.

For example, an 82-year-old woman Worley had known took her art classes. She had experience with painting, but this was her first time trying charcoal. She surprised herself with her own talent, as was Worley.

“She was really taken by the feeling that she had when she saw her first work. She was wonderful,” Worley said. “This lady loved the arts, and she appreciated what she learned and I think that is perhaps the most fulfilling way I feel about being a teacher.”

Worley captures the essence of what makes both teaching and learning so compelling: the personal connections that you can make.

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