Top Ten Classes for Fall 2018

Emilie Reed on Jul 27, 2018 9:43:00 AM

Fall Registration is finally here

As the bustle of beach days, camping trips, and spending as much time outside as we can begins to settle down, fall is waiting just around the corner. When school starts and your children head back to class, you may be finding yourself asking: What should you do each day?

The release of our Fall Catalog, which should be hitting mailboxes soon if they haven't already, has endless possibilities for you!

It wouldn't feel right just dropping a wealth of fun and educational classes onto your lap without highlighting a few that we're excited to be teaching. You might overlook that special course you've always wanted to take!

Below are just a handful of the classes being offered this Spring. Check them out:

  • Spanish for Beginners: Try your hand at learning a new language! Over 13% of the US population is native Spanish speaking. Learn basic skills needed to communicate in regular scenarios or help prepare yourself for new job opportunities.
    Class start date: August 27th
  • Intro to Henna Body Art: Henna Body Art has become all the rage across the United States. Come and learn how to create memorizing designs of temporary tattoos by staining the top layers of the skin with a natural plant based dye paste.
    Class start dates: September 10th & October 8th

  • Beginning Fashion Design: Looking to upgrade your wardrobe to be just what you want it to be but don’t know if your wallet can handle a shopping spree? We have just the class for you! You will learn fashion basics and what it takes to design a collection.
    Class start date: September 19th
  • Bread Making for Beginners: If you love the taste and smell of homemade bread but are never able to make it work right, our Bread Making for Beginners course if just what you need. This hands-on class will walk you through making your own loaf of bread: no frills, no mystery, no tricks.
    Class date: October 24th

  • Dealing with Difficult People: Sometimes it can be hard to navigate the waters when dealing with difficult people. With this simple four-step method, you will learn how to improve relations with employees, earn their loyalty, and prevent problems from arising.
    Class start date: November 6th
  • Kettlebell Exercises Swinging Your Way into Strength: Kettlebells are a large cast-iron ball-shaped weight with a single handle. If you’re ready to get yourself into shape but don’t know where to start, look no further! Come learn some basic exercises that will engage your core, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as improve your coordination, agility, and posture.
    Class start date: September 10th

  • Microsoft Office: Using computers can be quite the challenge if you let it. To help you combat the treacherous waters, we have a handful of Microsoft classes sure to offer the help you need. From Word to Excel, to Publisher and PowerPoint, learn the basics and beyond to help you create flawless reports, presentations, and more!
  • Sign Language: Approximately close to over 70 million people throughout the world rely on sign language as their way of communication with others. If you have ever wanted to learn but are unsure where to start, sign up for our Sign Language for Beginners course. This class will teach you the basics of communicating with motions and gestures.
    Class start dates: October 16th & November 27th

  • Fine Art Photography: When does a photographic image become art? Learn to think outside the box and challenge yourself to create something unique. Aimed to inspire and motivate through hands-on lessons and challenging assignments, you'll discover your pictures transformed with a creative edge, leaving your own unique mark on the fine art gallery wall.
    Class start dates: September 10th, October 15th, & November 19th
  • Instant Pot Cooking: If you like many others seem to never have enough time to make dinner the way you want it, we have what you need.  With the increasing use and advantages of pressure cooking, learn all that you need to prepare two delicious menus using your Instant Pot.
    Class date: October 17th


We look forward to seeing you in classes this upcoming fall!

If you have any questions, call our office at 208-282-3372 or visit our website at for more information.


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