Stop Being Bored and Start Your Summer Bucket List!

Annile Anderson on May 18, 2017 10:18:00 AM

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Does the phrase, “There’s nothing to do here!” sound familiar?

Southeast Idaho is not exactly known for its list of exciting things to do on a regular basis, so it is no surprise Idaho was voted twelfth in line as one of the most boring states in the US. Most people think that in order to have fun in Idaho, you need to stick to the internet. This is an unfortunate misconception.

Here in our little ‘ol Southeastern Idaho there are tons of outdoor adventures and places to go such as City Creek, Table Rock, Scout Mountain, and Pebble Creek. There are historical sites, museums, indoor activity places, and much more. The key to having fun is knowing where to find it.

This is where the Continuing Education and Workforce Training Summer Bucket List course comes into the picture. The class provides information on all this region has to offer, which will help you get outdoors instead of binging on your current Netflix obsession all day. Even though the course will provide more information and detail, here are some of examples of things you can discover about southeast Idaho:

Historical Information and Sites

Southeast Idaho contains a rich history ranging from the discoveries of Lewis and Clark to pioneer treks to mysterious catacombs beneath streets. Starting at the beginning of this year, the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls has been hosting an exhibit on “Rome: Military Genius and Mighty Machines”. Pocatello’s Museum of Clean and Museum of Natural History both have hands-on activities the whole family can enjoy. There are even haunted tours of Old Town Pocatello in the fall and a military aviation museum in the area as well. Blackfoot hosts the Eastern Idaho State Fair that has been a huge event since 1902. Blackfoot also has the famous Idaho Potato Museum. 

Outdoor Activities

Depending on the time of year, there are many activities hosted here in Souteast Idaho to get people outdoors:

Right now, the “Pocatello Rocks” activity is being held through Facebook, where citizens and businesses both hide and find painted rocks throughout the town. This is a great way to engage the whole family in a scavenger hunt. Ross Park Aquatic Complex will be open the day before Memorial Day, and so will the Olympic Swimming Complex at Lava Hot Springs. Yellowstone Bear World in Rexburg is also open for the season, and it offers drive-through viewings of bears and wolves, and a great petting zoo with goats and deer.

City Creek, Rose Ponds, Mount Borah, Oxford Peak, and several other spots are now open and ready for biking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. The Idaho State University (ISU) Outdoor Adventure Center has information and rentals available for anyone going on trips. Another few classes through Continuing Education and Workforce Training (CEWT) also include Dutch oven cooking, stand-up paddleboarding, horseback riding, kayaking, and much more.

Indoor Activities

If getting outside does not seem possible at the time, there are plenty of indoor activities as well:

The Pine Ridge Mall in Pocatello just opened two indoor activity facilities, including “Jump In!” and “Level up” that have some fun activities for all ages. There is also Reed Gym at ISU that has an indoor climbing center and swimming pool. And for a more relaxing experience, Lava Hot Springs has an indoor pool and massage spa that are open all year round. Pocatello also has Outer Limits, which offers arcade games and miniature golf and laser tag, and Deleta, which offers skating and arcade games, that are indoor and open all year.

A lot of people may think Southeastern Idaho is a boring place, but the real boredom comes from staying inside. Let us help! Take advantage of our Creating Your Summer Bucketlist course by visiting our website at or calling (208) 282-3372 today.



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