Spring 2018 Catalog Now Released

Stephanie Bachman on Dec 8, 2017 8:19:00 AM

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Christmas is a time of thick creamy fudge, gold and red glimmering tinsel, and compassionate and festive moods. It is also a time of transition, as we prep up for the cold winter by donning puffy coats, wool socks, and a resignation that the roads will be snow-coated frequently for at least the next three or four months.

Yet with this chilly transition also comes an exciting transition from our busy office—the release of our new Spring Catalog, which should be hitting your mailboxes soon if they haven't already. And it wouldn't feel right just dropping a wealth of fun and educational classes onto your lap without highlighting a few that we're excited to be teaching, especially as this season will be hitting its busy peak and you may overlook that special course you've always wanted to take.

Below are just a handful of the classes being offered this Spring. Check them out!

  • Mommy and Me: Cupcake Decorating – We're bringing a whole new series of this favorite class to the table this winter and spring for you and your little ones. Smear, spatter, and sprinkle a variety of frosting and decorations onto cupcakes and spend quality time with those special children in your life. New cupcake decorating techniques will be taught each month, with each one a different holiday or seasonal theme. What's more—this course isn't just exclusive to mothers, but is open for fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, anyone is welcome. First class is January 4th –just a month away!
  • Car Care: Get to Know Your Vehicle – Have you ever been driving and suddenly a menacing orange light pops up on in your dash, and a flush of anxiety crackles through you because you don't speak car? We know that feeling, too. This class will teach you what these symbols mean, how to change a flat tire, where to swap out oil, and much more.
  • OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Training Courses – For all construction workers out there, we have a multitude of courses that will train and inform you about safety and health hazards while on the job. These courses target anyone from the entry-level worker to workers who hold supervisory and/or responsibilities in the construction industry. Be aware of your rights as a worker and stay safe with our training.
  • Cyber Security 101 – The world is going digital. You can now read books on screens, speak to someone from clear across the world, and stash your bank accounts in intangible, electronic patches of digital space. And just like there are thieves, hackers, and no-good-doers walking the streets, there are the same criminals floating around hyperspace, wanting to tap into your accounts, passwords, and release nasty viruses into your systems. This course is designed to teach individuals and small businesses about keeping your information safety stored and out of the hands of criminals, what do to in the case of security breaches, and how to safely surf the internet.
  • Photoshop for Design Beginners – This spring, we're offering two courses that'll help those of you who want to dabble in graphic design and/or photoshopping pictures. Photoshop Elements 1: Imaging Editing Basics will focus on improving lighting and color in digital photos, manipulating image details, combining images and more. Photoshop for Design Beginners seeks to teach you how to create custom logos, business cards, brochures, web graphics, among others.

We look forward to seeing you in classes this upcoming spring! If you have any questions, call our office at 208-282-3372 for more information.


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