Special Thanks for A Wonderful Video

ISU CEWT on Jan 3, 2020 2:32:37 PM


Thanks to all of you wrote in with your great feedback on CEWT's end-of-year and holiday video. We have passed your comments and recognition to the entire team.

That video was developed both as a recognition of the partnership we have with our community and as a fun way to express our gratitude for your support.  

A lot of people participated in the video but the lion's share of the development effort came from two people, Dr. Judy Morris and Paul Dickey.  

Paul is CEWT's Apprenticeship Coordinator, and the lead developer of our training and promotional videos.  He has also been instrumental in developing our live-streaming educational capabilities.   

Judy is a former professor in ISU's Communication, Media and Persuasion programs, and has brought her significant experience and skills to our video production/editing team.  Judy was the director and editor of this year's holiday video.  Thank you, Judy!

Have a great 2020, everyone!

--  Gary Salazar, Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Training (CEWT)


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