Should You Accept That Job Offer?

Andrew Browning on Apr 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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Throughout our careers, people get multiple jobs, which means multiple job offers. The norm for most people is 5-7 different jobs per lifetime, and these numbers are increasing.

Although some people try to keep job-hopping to a minimum, there’s still a chance that they will get multiple job offers from different companies when they do finally move to a new position.

When these opportunities come up, how do we know which to take? Not all companies treat their employees the same, and there are precautions to take before accepting a job offer.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind.

Worry about being happy

We’ve all been told that job satisfaction is more important than financial income. To a point, this is very true.

When getting multiple job offers, always consider how happy you will be working at a particular company.

Sure, having a miserable job with a huge paycheck might not sound so bad, but what’s the point of driving an expensive sports car to work if you’re not going to enjoy the work itself?

I may be repeating what has been said a thousand times before, but always consider how sane you will be after a few years of working.

Room to grow

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Another important thing to consider is if your career can actually grow by taking a certain job. Find out how often promotions and salary raises happen, and if it’s something that you think you can accomplish.

No one wants to be stuck at the same desk for a decade with no reason to justify it.

Like the boss

One of the biggest red flags for a job offer has to do with the people you’re working under. A bad supervisor can cause your entire bubble of happiness to pop the second you see them.

While you’re getting interviewed, make sure to find out if your manager will be someone you can get along with. If they rub you the wrong way, it might not be the best job to take.

I’ve had great jobs that have been ruined by certain managers. One day I’ll be working under a great one, and my day will be awesome. The next I’ll be working with that manager and loathe every second of my shift.

In some cases, jobs that aren’t very enjoyable can be made bearable because of a great supervisor. If you get an offer from a company who has great people in leadership positions, it is definitely worth taking seriously.

A good manager can make just about any situation a little less gloomy.


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It’s always great to know that your work is appreciated. If you close a big sale without being recognized by management in some way, it can be really dampen your motivation. 

Find out if your potential coworkers feel valued and appreciated. Bonus incentives can be a clear sign of employee recognition, so keep a look out for companies that offer them.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Based on this article so far, it may seem counter-intuitive to bring up salary, however, we ultimately come to work to make money.

Among other things, income should be considered when making a decision with a job offer. It is not the most important aspect when choosing a career, but it certainly counts.

Whatever matters most

We owe it to ourselves to pick out the best job that we can get. All of the factors mentioned in this article should be taken into serious consideration. However, the importance of each factor may differ depending on your situation.

To put it simply, you deserve a job that you can love and where you are treated well. Make sure to consider that when considering a new job offer. Subscribe to our BLOG


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