Immunization and Vaccinations Available at Urgent Care Clinics

Alex Tate on Jun 1, 2016 4:02:25 PM

One of many conveniences about visiting an urgent care center is that not only are you able to walk in for sick visits, you are also able to walk in to receive vaccinations. Since many doctor’s offices can have a couple days to over a week wait for a doctor’s appointment, it is nice to know that options such as urgent care centers are available for a simple vaccine. Vaccines can be available to adults and children at these clinics. In this article, I am going to talk about all of the immunizations, and vaccinations you can receive at an Urgent Care Clinic.

What Types of Immunizations can you get at an Urgent Care Clinic?

Vaccines are important in helping your body to fight off some pretty serious diseases. You or your child may be due for their booster shot, or you may be traveling overseas that requires a certain vaccination. Urgent care centers make it easy to conveniently get your vaccination without having to make a doctor’s appointment. While all urgent care clinics are different most urgent care centers have all of the following vaccines and immunizations available to you:

  • Flu Shots
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningitis (Texas Only)
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (TDAP)
  • Tuberculosis (TB), TB skin test
  • Typhoid
  • Yellow Fever


Why Vaccines and Immunizations are Important:

Getting routine vaccines as well as vaccines to help to prevent things like the flu or diseases you may be able to contract when traveling can help to protect your health by stimulating an immune response to a specific virus. (1) Vaccinations have helped to almost completely rid certain diseases such as polio, smallpox, and Tuberculosis or TB. When you get a vaccine, the vaccination contains a small amount of the disease, or a small amount of a similar disease that are weakened or even sometimes dead to help to stimulate the immune system, and build antibodies against the virus. Many people are worried about contracting the virus by getting the vaccine, but the amount of the disease that is in the vaccine is so small, and weakened to a degree that transmission of the virus would not be possible. Although vaccines can help to protect you from acquiring certain diseases, there are certain individuals who cannot receive certain vaccinations , and should speak with their doctor before getting any kind of vaccine, or immunization.

Why Choose Urgent Care Clinics for Your Vaccines?

Urgent care clinics are great for non-life threatening emergencies that required immediate attention, but they are also great for routine procedures such as vaccinations. Urgent care clinics can be a great choice to get your vaccination because they offer a wide variety of vaccinations, do not require an appointment, they offer quality services by physicians and nurses, and the convenience factor is what appeals to most people. Urgent care centers are often open early, and stay open late to accommodate the needs of full time workers. You can easily go get your vaccination before work, or go after work hours without worrying about missing your appointment time.

Urgent care clinics also offer vaccine services to both children and adults. Since children typically require series of vaccines, urgent care clinics make it convenient to get the series completed without a trip to your pediatrician. Urgent care clinics also offer single series shots to children as well as immunizations such as tetanus.

Adult vaccinations are also available, with a wide variety of vaccine options depending on what you are due for. If you are in need of a booster shot, an urgent care center may be a great options since it is quick, and easy. Yearly flu shots are also available at these clinics. Travel shots such as vaccines against malaria, polio, yellow fever, as well as other diseases will be found at an urgent care, and getting them done at one of the walk in clinics is a quick way to get it out of the way, and have one less thing to worry about before you travel.

Many urgent care clinics also offer online services for you to review things like test results, or vaccination and immunization history. This is useful since you may need proof of certain vaccines for things like travel, work, or school. Having this online portal is a great way to always have access to your medical records.

Vaccines at urgent care clinics may also come at a lower cost than if you were to visit your primary care physician’s office. Vaccines at an urgent care center could range from $25 for a seasonal flu shot up to $185 for a meningitis vaccine depending on the clinic. The affordable cost can be very helpful for those whose insurance may not cover certain immunizations.

Is an Urgent Care Center the Right Place for Your Immunization Needs?

Urgent care clinics are a great place for anyone who is in need of a vaccination quickly, someone who is looking to get their annual flu shot, or anyone who is about to travel, and needs to get travel shots. Urgent care centers are also a great options for children who need certain vaccines, or for anyone who is looking for a health clinic that provides affordable vaccinations.

Urgent care center’s make it possible for buys families, and working professionals to get convenient vaccines during a time that works for them, and at an affordable price. If you have never been to an urgent care center, consider visiting your local clinic to get your next vaccination, with no appointment necessary!

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