How to Be Everyone's Favorite Manager

Jennifer Donaldson on Apr 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM

 what makes a good manager

We’ve all had superiors and managers who we’ve loved and who we’ve hated.  So, what makes a good manager, and more importantly, what makes a great manager?

If you’re looking to become a manager, or are already a manager and are looking to better yourself, read on for some great management skills.

Look at the big picture

Great managers see the big picture and keep it mind.  For whatever decision they make, they evaluate the pros and cons and assess whether it brings the business closer to meeting its goals.

When making a request of a team member, they are able to demonstrate how “their assignments and projects fit into the company’s larger goals and overall objectives.” 

Keeping the big picture in mind also shows other team members that they care about all aspects of the business– even their fellow employees.

When managers are able to make their employees feel valued, chances are a respectful relationship will develop – and with such a relationship in place, employees are more likely to be receptive and willing to do what is asked of them. 

Be consistent

how to be a good manager

Great managers “are consistent in their behavior.”  Very few of us appreciate constant change or unpredictability.  Managers with consistent behavior create an environment where employees know what is expected of them. 

Consistent behavior also allows employees to predict and evaluate the outcome of their decisions, saving time and frustration.

 Be a leader

Great managers lead by example.  If you conduct yourself in the same manner that you expect from your employees, your employees are more likely to hold themselves to the standard you’ve set.  They will also respect you more – nobody likes a hypocrite. 

Promote feedback

management skills

Great managers provide and accept feedback.  Keeping communication open is key.  Again, through leading by example, the more willing you are to speak up about issues, the more willing your employees will be too. 

Your employees are a valuable resource.  Often times, your employees can point out something you may not have noticed because of their different point of view. 

However, if they don’t feel comfortable approaching you, you may miss out on taking advantage of such valuable insight. 

 Aknowledge good work

Great managers give credit where credit is due.  When an employee succeeds, the company succeeds and in order to encourage this continued behavior, great managers are quick to offer recognition to employees who deserve it. 

Doing so will foster and grow a confidence within your employees that will empower them to continue to do great things and help the business succeed. 

Get support when it's needed

how to be a good manager

Great managers aren’t afraid to ask for help. Over confidence helps no one, least of all managers.  If you attempt to fly too close to the sun, you will get burned. 

Great managers know that asking for help is not a weakness, and in fact it can often be a strength.  Asking for help can result in the discovery of a new idea that could have gone unnoticed with a manager who felt his ideas trumped all.  

Take a chill pill

Great managers remain calm.  As a manager you will likely encounter stressful situations on a daily basis.  Your reactions to such situations will undoubtedly be imitated by your employees. 

If you are able to maintain a level head during tumultuous times, more than likely your employees will too.  And, chances are you will be able to keep the situation from escalating, rather than further escalating it.   

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