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Gary Salazar on Feb 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Doesn’t it seem like everything today has multiple perspectives or interpretations; what you see depends on your point of view.

For example, have you heard the joke about what the Zero said to the Eight?

Zumba Zero said, “Wow, you’re looking great!”

Fashion Design Zero said, “Wow, nice belt!”

These two great disciplines might seem to be worlds apart but they actually have a lot in common, starting with how much fun they both are.  Have you heard how passionate people become when they talk ‘Zumba’ or muse about ‘Fashion’?

Both of these activities prize and place great value on innovation and expression through creativity.  For example, Zumba, a popular fitness class that many equate to an exciting dance party with Latin and international music, has a lot of simple moves that are repeated often. But it encourages you to incorporate your own shimmy, twist or shout. In Zumba you get to make up COOL STUFF as you ‘play’ on a dance floor with other like-minded enthusiasts.  You get to bust out some new moves while socializing with friends and getting in a little exercise; you work out as hard as you want.

In Fashion Design, you set the stage for who and how many people you want to work with; pop out a new design with your posse or go it alone.  In fashion, your creative energies are focused into a design that comes straight from your heart.  You get to put your own version of the shimmy, twist or shout into anything you want; leggings, sporting wear or evening wear, ANYTHING.  You ‘play’ with whomever you want, call your own shots, socialize wherever you need, and…Best of All….you design what you really want to see.

Here are five more things Zumba and Fashion Design people have in common:

  1. They love bright colors!
  2. They like to look good!
  3. They love to get lost in their passion!
  4. They like to express themselves!
  5. They have no limits!

Do you know what Paris, Barcelona, New York City, Honolulu, Bangkok, Tokyo and Rio all have in common with Pocatello, ID?
They all have Zumba and Fashion Design courses.

If you are hungry for a change, passionate about being creative or learning new skills then I invite you to come satisfy your curiosity with our new summer Zumba and Fashion Design courses.  Both will be available as part of ISU’s Continuing Education programs.  Contact us at (208) 282-3372 or register online at: cetrain.isu.edu

So, which is it for you?

 “Wow, you’re looking great!” or “Wow, nice belt!”


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