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Bringing a New Language to Pocatello: An Interview with Ella Kraning

Stephanie Bachman on Jul 28, 2017 9:06:00 AM

Russian Flag.jpg

When it comes to languages of Pocatello, many of those that are spoken in the southeast regions are English, Spanish, Shoshone, and even Arabic. These languages help enrich the culture and bridge gaps between tongues in Southeastern Idaho. Yet these are not only the languages spoken here, nor are these the only languages taught here.

Ella Kraning, a native of Russia, not only speaks Russian but also teaches it through Continuing Education and Workforce Training. And she mentions, one of the benefits of learning Russian is that it can help you in your travels.

Ella says, “Idaho does not have a large Russian-speaking community, but if you enjoy travelling internationally, you may notice how many people speak Russian.” For those interested in visiting the colorful cities of Eastern Europe or the massive country of Russia itself, learning the language will certainly help you as you travel across borders and meet new people.

russian architecture.jpg

This is because 250 million people in Russia and other post-Soviet countries speak Russian. And what’s more—Ella says, “Russian-speaking people may more easily understand other Slavic languages, like Ukrainian, Polish, Bolgaria, Czech, and on.” So learning this language may help you pick up on other Slavic languages quicker with knowing Russian than without. 

As a language instructor, Ella strives to make her classes “not just interesting and fun, but also beneficial. Students will learn some basics of the Russian grammar and build up essential vocabulary.”

She teaches both an Elementary course for beginners and an Intermediate course to help improve speaking, listening, and reading skills. These classes will help students develop knowledge about the Russian alphabet, basic vocabulary, and even brief conversations such as ordering meals at a restaurant.

For anyone interested in these classes, online registration is now open. Visit or call 282-3372 for more information and to register.


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