5 Reasons You Should Be Autodesk Certified

Jantzen Pahl on Aug 6, 2015 7:00:00 AM

autodesk certification

The first step to improving your career is always improving yourself. Not that all of your skills aren't amazing, they are, but the more skills you have, the more doors are open to you.

Sorry for the cliche but sometimes cliches just get it right (that's what makes them cliches!). Regardless of where you currently stand in your professional endeavors, it is always helpful and not to mention encouraged, to continue to grow. Whether you are new to the workforce or twenty years in, management or junior; the more you learn, the better off you are, period.

And there is no time better than right now to get started on the improvement process. As you know technology is always evolving, what is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow and so forth.

The key to successfully navigating your way through the professional world is to be on the cutting edge of technology as often as possible.

With that being said, Autodesk is the latest tool to assist you in your professional growth prospects and as such, an Autodesk certification will prove an incredibly useful tool for your future. 

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So what is Autodesk, you ask? Autodesk has recently established itself as a global leader in developing design software that specializes in creating computer-aided design (otherwise known as CAD)  for the architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and digital media markets.

We know, it's a mouthful, but basically this is software that will change your entire professional portfolio. Particularly if you work in the above fields.

If you aren't yet employed in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing or the digital media market but anticipate starting a career in any of those industries, Autodesk will quickly become a common knowledge term. 

That is how prevalent it is in today's professional markets.

So why do you need to learn Autodesk? Simply put, you will find yourself frequently being asked at interviews, 'Do you have your Autodesk Certification?' and you will want to confidently answer, 'yes'. 

Without further ado, here are the five MAJOR reasons you need your Autodesk Certification:

autodesk certification

1. An Autodesk Certification will add value to both your career performance AND your company 

To stand out from the crowd in your office, you will need to enhance your existing skill set. Grow that resume and shortly after, you will be growing that salary.

They just go hand in hand! Not only does this new or improved skill assist in your career projection and resume statistics, but it will also make your work days easier and who doesn't love that? 

This software has been developed to help your performance so you're not slaving away at tasks because you have a tool in your arsenal that makes every day just a little bit easier. 

2. Get on the team of an industry leader. 

Autodesk is a software that is currently used by more than 10 million professionals. We'll wait while you let that sink in... Yes, we said 10 million professionals. 

In addition, it's being used across 185 different countries. Have you ever wanted to move abroad? Well, if so it's likely they will use this software there too so your certification will never go to waste.

Due to these impressive stats it's safe to say that Autodesk is certainly a world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Are you convinced yet? 

3. You can choose the level of certification that is right for you. 

autodesk certified

The great thing about Autodesk is that they understand that not every type of certification is going to suit everyone. 

There are three different levels of Autodesk certification you can choose from: User, Associate, or Professional. A little bit of research and you'll find that the 'Associate Exam' is most widely available and therefore may be your best option.

But the best thing is, you have options. Perhaps you want just a basic understanding or maybe you need in-depth knowledge. Whatever the case may be, your Autodesk certification will cater to your needs.

And don't worry if you're not the most technologically inclined, Autodesk is entirely beginner friendly, so you can rest easy. 

4. You can earn portable credentials,  job retention and mobility. 

Okay, this one is a mouthful, but all we really mean to say is, an Autodesk certification gives you an advantage when being considered for a promotion and at such a time, every 'plus' for you, is a good thing.

You will quickly become known as the 'dedicated Autodesk employee' which may sound a bit, 'geeky' now but when it's the Dedicated Autodesk Employee versus any other employee, you will win every time.

autodesk certification


Also, as we mentioned in section 2, this is a world wide software and therefore your Autodesk Certification is portable! It's a win-win. 

5. You'll only need to worry about simple preparation for Autodesk Certification exam. 

Study materials are readily available for you to make exam preparation easy and painless. 

You'll be provided exam preparation road maps, assessment tests and training guides to ensure you're feeling confident and prepared to pass with flying colors.

But if you're less of a solitary person and need more hands on assistance there are a variety of Autodesk courses available at authorized Autodesk Training Centers and of course, this is all available worldwide.

An Autodesk certification is a simple process with great gains for your career. To learn more about Autodesk visit autodesk.com and get started today.


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