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Strengthening Mind and Body at The Barre

Stephanie Bachman on May 19, 2017 8:16:00 AM


We all have things we don’t use—whether that be exercise equipment, fancy kitchenware, or obscure sweaters from our great aunt. Yet many people overlook the more essential things we don’t use often enough—our muscles.

This is why The Barre is one of those hidden gems of Pocatello, as it helps us exercise those muscles we rarely engage—while still having an entertaining and uplifting time. The Barre is owned by Megan Ray, who felt that Pocatello needed a barre in its growing city and decided to set up studio on 777 Yellowstone Avenue a little over a year ago.

Inside the studio are large glass mirrors, beautiful open floors and long barres expanding nearly the entire length of the walls. It is here where classes buzz, ranging from pilates to yoga to barre, which entails ballet-based exercises of isometric and static moves and exercises that lengthen and strengthen muscles as well as reach those muscles that we hardly use from day-to-day.

Megan, who has always been passionate about fitness, loves teaching The Barre’s students both young and old, experienced and non-experienced. One of her favorite aspects of teaching is the positive results her students see in their bodies as they become stronger, and seeing the difference from when they come in to when they leave.

And for those shy or nervous about their own personal fitness, Megan and her crew do a good job at trying to tailor to people’s needs. The Barre offers anything from beginning classes to more advanced classes, which helps those who are new to barre and those who are more experienced.

These classes include Beginning Barre, Barre Burn, Technique Combo Burn, and Strengthen and Lengthen, which helps hone in on muscles to develop their strength and core. Megan and her crew also help monitor the students and help them maintain correct form so they don’t get injured and can maximize their workout.

What the students gain from the classes also shows the benefits of the exercises. “They get that hour just to be out of the world and have time for themselves,” Megan says. “It’s a mental thing as well as a physical thing. It helps reset your body.”

the barre pic3.jpeg

Along with refreshing the mind, the classes can also help with balance, flexibility, and developing strength and lean muscle. Megan hopes that one day her company can expand into other towns as well, so as to provide more opportunity for barre exercises in other cities.

Continuing Education and Workforce Development is excited to partner with The Barre studio in offering Beginning Barre classes starting early June. For more information, visit or call (208) 282-3372 for more details.


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