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Preventing Tractor Accidents with Young Farm Workers

Growing up in an agricultural community, I have a highly personal view of farming accidents. A cousin and a school friend were both seriously injured in separate harvest mishaps. 


5 Must haves for Young Farm Workers and Pesticides

Young farm workers suffer more than 23,000 injuries and 300 fatalities on American farms every year. Using survey data collected from a random sample of working teens (ages 14 to 17) in North Carolina… the data shows that teens working on farms in North Carolina are exposed to significant safety hazards throughout their farm working careers. A majority of the respondents in this group of farmworkers reported exposure to tractors, large animals, all-terrain vehicles, farm trucks, and rotary mowers, and more than one-third reported exposure to pesticides and tobacco harvesters.” Schulman MD, Evensen CT, Runyan CW, Cohen LR, Dunn KA. (



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