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Just ‘Like’ This: Using Social Media To Improve Your Business

Sammy Rich on Sep 13, 2018 9:27:00 AM


Are you trying to get your company recognized but aren’t sure where to start?

Consider expanding your social media platforms.


Business Development: Twitter Triumph in Three Steps

The internet is a powerful business tool that allows you to connect your business with people—and potential sales leads—on a massive scale. One of the greatest ways to connect with people via the web is with social interaction by way of social networking. When used right, social media will allow you to connect with people on a human level, creating a stronger customer relationship than an advertisement ever could.

One social network that has emerged as a must-have for any company serious about their social media strategy is twitter. People are flocking to this social network by the millions (they have 645 million users and counting) and companies, big and small, are experiencing business success by way of twitter right now. Broadway Books, an independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon, for example, was on the verge of shutting down until they used twitter to gain more customers.


Blogging – The Best Marketing Value

I have a confession to make, I am an information junkie.  I consume large quantities of information each day looking for things of interest and value.  Most of my buying decisions aren’t made until I have spent an appropriate amount of time—defined by the size or complexity of the purchase—researching and reviewing my options.  Typically, company websites provide adequate information to make decisions, but that is changing.

Blogging has been around since the late 90s, but didn’t gain mainstream popularity until the mid-2000s.  At first blogging, or weblogging as it was initially called, was a fringe tool used by individuals to share random thoughts and messages with the world.  The tool wasn’t taken seriously until 2003, when Google launched their AdSense product—matching advertising to blog topics and content.


Five Laws of Social Media in the Classroom

Social media is one of the fastest growing forms of communication between family and friends. People converse via wall messages, tweets, and gaming interaction. Social Media plays a huge role in modern day culture, with millions of people participating; therefore it can be a productive tool in your classroom.

According to Convince & Convert, a digital marketing advisory group, 68% of Americans between the ages of 25-34 are on social media and 22% of them check their account several times per day.  This opens a door for teachers maintain continuous communication with students’ parents.  


Avoiding Social Media Policy Pitfalls

In a previous article, I outlined the troubles companies have with employees who share their personal lives on social media. Each day brings new stories about social media faux pas, creating scandals for individuals and companies alike. According to a 2012 survey by PayScale, a salary and benefits information company, only half of the companies surveyed had a social media policy and 42% said they forbid all forms of social media activity at work. Contrast that with these statistics—2 out of 5 Generation Y workers rate access to social media above receiving a higher salary and over 50% of workers 55 and older use social media at work every day. You can see storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

The purpose of social media is to share thoughts, activities and promote things we find interesting. Businesses like social media because feedback is almost instantaneous. Hit “Post” and within seconds you can see Facebook “Likes” pouring in or “re-tweets” going out. These social barometers tell you how good your message is and provide insight into what your audience thinks—invaluable from a marketer’s perspective. The question is where to draw the line between personal and professional sharing.

Establishing Social Guidelines



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