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Advantages of a Modular PLC Over a Fixed PLC?

Programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, are industrial and/or commercial computers created to run automated systems. Whether you know it or not, you come into contact with PLCs on a regular basis. From roller coasters at a theme park to traffic lights on Main Street, PLCs are the unseen, crucial component to automated life as we know it. Originally developed to replace relay circuits, PLCs have taken on a life of their own and working with them can be exciting and rewarding. There are two main types of PLCs - modular and fixed. Most professionals in the industry say modular PLCs have many distinct and important advantages over fixed PLCs. This article will discuss the advantages and briefly explore the programming methods used for PLCs. 

Basic Programming Information 


The Customer Has to Go

On a recent Steelhead fishing trip at the River of No Return Lodge (shameless plug for a great outfit), I spent some time talking about customer service with our guide, Kevin Yeates. The typical guide spends 12 hours or more each day closely working with clients of various ability levels and needs. Some guided trips are more successful than others, so guides frequently deal with customers who are unhappy due to conditions beyond the guide’s control. I was curious to find out how such a customer-focused industry dealt with those situations.



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