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Mental Health Highlights: Becoming Miracles

Sammy Rich on Jan 14, 2019 12:25:15 PM


Terry Fredrickson believes that a miracle is something that can’t be explained. As a licensed counselor and as the owner of Pacific Rim counseling, he has seen them happen before his very eyes. He’s watched people grow into miracles.

“I can’t explain how they came to me believing there was nothing worthy in their life, that they had no reason to live, that life had become so unmanageable that they didn’t care anymore,” he said. “To see them become someone who says ‘I have a meaning, I have a will to live, and I have a purpose on this earth.’ That’s a miracle to me, that’s rewarding. To me, that makes it worth it.”


Recovery and Recuperation: Life After A TBI

Sammy Rich on Oct 15, 2018 12:30:19 PM


February 10th, 1993 was uncharacteristically sunny for the middle of winter in Idaho.

After supervising one of her student teachers, Beverly Klug was waiting at the intersection of a two-way and one-way street. As the light went green, she pulled forward and out of her peripheral, caught sight of a car speeding forward down the hill.



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