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2 Reasons Gamification Won't Work

When asking young children about their favorite activities in school, they always come out and say science, or math, possibly even spelling, right? Not a chance. Most young children are going to point to recess as their favorite activity throughout the day. Others might say story time, while others might enjoy painting and other artistic activities. But if these children just want to come to school for fun and playtime, how in the world are they ever going to learn correct spelling, mathematics or other educational essentials? The question answers itself.


The Case for Stackable Credentials in Education

I live in Idaho, which is typically not a very progressive state, and to be honest, I think I like it that way. Idaho tends to lag behind the rest of the states in many areas, but the last couple of years Idaho tried to move to the forefront of the national education debate. The cry for educational reform has rung loudly, with initiatives making the ballot boxes in numerous states. While the public education system is in need of repair, another education system is silently undergoing radical changes using stackable credentials.



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