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You say "tomato", I say "why is that tomato attacking that lady?"

Max Swenson on Dec 16, 2013 8:00:00 AM


I was driving to work one morning and, while stopped at a traffic light, I glanced at a white van in the next lane and read the business name and other information stuck there using the now ubiquitous vinyl signs. Though it was easy enough to read, I wondered if the business owner knew what his signage was saying. It was apparent that someone involved in the design of this logo had a penchant for heavy metal music and the fonts associated with bands that ilk. I wondered if a long–haired, flannel clad “rocker” would show up at my door asking, “dude, where’re the locks that need changing?”

Design is powerful. I won’t go so far as to say “design will cure world hunger,” but it does have a great deal of influence on aspects of individual and group behavior. I’m a believer, a true believer. I’m one of those graphic designers who constantly looks at design in the every–day world and deconstructs them. I’m that designer who looks at the formatting of the menu before getting around to choosing soup or salad. It may sound strange, but that’s what I do for fun. I believe in the power of design, good or bad, to provoke a response from the viewer.



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